Corporate Services

For all our services we keep three values in mind: Comfort, Punctuality and Professionalism. By upholding these values, our clients experience a pleasant trip and most of them book us regularly when visiting the Netherlands.


Our cars are provided with free water bottles, free mints, and a wide range of international Newspapers. We also carry various chargers for mobile phones and tablets for your convenience. And with our free Wi-Fi it is also possible to work or relax with onboard internet.


Ataxi Amsterdam monitors the air traffic, so delays or early arrivals are known.We aim to arrive at the pick-up point 10-15 minutes in advance. We help clients with their time-schedule and our drivers will do anything "within Dutch laws" to ensure our clients to reach their appointments on time. When requesting an unscheduled stop, our drivers will gladly navigate you to that location, all our cars have top range GPS systems.


Our chauffeurs are experienced drivers with a professional attitude. This means confidentiality on everything being discussed within the car. We provide a custom service dedicated to comply to all your wishes. Our working hours are flexible and adjusted to your requests. All our drivers wear suits and ties.

Payment on invoice:

Ataxi Amsterdam will send you an invoice within 48 hours after the service is provided, many of our regular/corporate clients prefer this payment.

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